PeakSaver Plus Program

When I came home yesterday there was a doorhanger on the front door for the PeakSaver Plus program. Perfect I thought.  This ties right into my energy management plan.  It was promoted by Whitby Hydro so I knew it wasn’t one of the alternate energy resellers. I was hoping it was a program that would save me money during the peak times because as a home office, I use most of my power during the peak time. But its not.

The program allows the hydro company to cycle down participants power when they are reaching their maximums. This prevents blackouts and saves the utility money by not requiring the purchase of power from other sources. The utility has the ability to turn off your air conditioner, hot water heater, or pool pump for 15 minute periods as required. There is apparently no noticeable difference to the homeowner during this shutdown.

So what’s in it for the homeowner? Obviously, if they are reducing your power consumption during peak times, this should reduce your energy costs. But after researching the program online, it seems most participants have had few reductions over the past 2 years. So to sweeten the deal, PeakSaver is offering 2 freebies when you sign up. A free programmable thermostat that will also allow you to control the temperature over the internet and a free energy monitor. We have a programmable thermostat already but I am hoping they have to come install it and can put it in a different location. Fingers crossed.  We also have an energy monitor that we had installed before the smart meter was installed. It hasn’t made it back onto the meter so again, I am hoping they will install that too!

Go to to sign up. Whitby is not the only utility participating so check if yours is part of this promotion.  After signing up, apparently someone will be contacting us.  I will post a follow up once they do.


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