Peaksaver installed

The Peaksaver program gives you a new programmable thermostat and a wireless energy monitor.  The new thermostat works great and has a slimmer profile which is good since we moved it from the existing location in my office (dining room per the original floorplan) and it is now in a traffic area.

The energy monitor is my new favourite toy. I did have to do a bit of reprogramming after the installer left. I think he programmed the summertime time of use schedule rather than the winter schedule. Not a big deal because I am using it mainly to monitor live usage of power rather than actual money spent. The monitor does have the rates and times programmed in so theoretically you can keep track of cost but it will never match your bill 100% because of timing etc.

We received our most recent hydro bill and I will post separately about that. But at a quick glance, the numbers look better than they were trending.


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