Christmas and Hydro

It seems the holidays are all about hydro consumption. Christmas lights, baking, entertaining.  All of these consume power. But I don’t want to be a Grinch and completely boycott the whole event. This year we have decided not to hang the outside lights.  However, I have done a bit of additional decor to make us still look festive. The interesting question will be whether the extra cost of the decor items will be less than the extra power consumption.  We could get LED lights and apparently that will save us a ton of money. This guy does the whole crazy lights to music thing and using LEDs says it should only cost him an extra $15 in hydro vs the $300 it would cost with regular lights.  But again, the initial outlay for LEDs is not cheap. I think we will try to take advantage of the Boxing Day (Week) deals on these for next year.  The conundrum is whether to spend money now to save money later. Or whether to just skip the whole thing entirely. If any of you saw the movie Christmas with the Kranks, it is based on a John Grisham book called Skipping Christmas. As usual, the book is waaaay better than the movie.



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